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In the past five years, Southcrest has grown in weekly average attendance from 954 to 1,943. Because of this growth, the church has been named one of the 100 fastest growing churches in America with a 24% increase per year. God keeps bringing people to our church family. Because of this, we believe that God is leading to provide space for these new people. Currently we have four worship services on Sunday morning, but we are running out of space to handle the growth that God is bringing.

The Vision of Southcrest is to have a greater impact on Lubbock and the world. When we are able to look long term at the future of Southcrest we see the opportunity to reach thousands of people throughout the South Plains. The larger our church family becomes, we will have greater resources and more members to reach out in our community.

The stronger we are at home, the greater we can be abroad.

Our priority has always been to lift up Jesus so that people come to know Him as their personal Savior. The three crosses standing on the loop will actually remind people about Jesus.


We need your help to make the vision of Greater become a reality. First, we ask you to pray. Please join us in asking God to bless this initiative and to continue to grow our church. Next, prayerfully consider how you might give to this initiative. We believe giving sacrificially is something that God really wants us to do. You can join Southcrest as we seek to make our future, our vision, and our impact Greater!

Tell Others, Give Your Testimony!

Share your testimony with us at or in person! We would love to hear how Southcrest has been impact in your life!!

Share The Vision!

Social media is huge these days, all we ask is that you take a second and share the Greater campaign with your friends!

Support The Vision!

Giving financially is a huge step in showing God you believe in his vision for Southcrest! Click the link below to start the process of giving to the greater campaign.