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Southcrest’s Job Center is a place for job seekers within our congregation to connect with Southcrest as a place of employment. Our hope is that the Job Center will be a place that will result in meaningful employment for many. If the job posting is still up the position is still open!

Current Job Openings

Kid’s Day Out Preschool Teacher

Southcrest offers a T/Th weekday program called Kid’s Day Out (KDO).  We are in need of a preschool teacher that will be willing to work T/Th 8:30-3:00.  There are always 2 teachers in each room therefore you will not be in charge of a class on your own. We provide an excellent atmosphere not only for the teachers but for the children as well. Responsibilities regarding this position include taking care of the children while also showing and teaching them about the love that God has for each one of them.  We provide all of the curriculum and supplies in order to make all of our teachers successful in the classroom and it is a paid position. Dependable teachers are absolutely necessary to maintain a stable environment for preschoolers.  If you are interested in joining our KDO team as a teacher, contact Jerri Turney at

Kid’s Day Out Substitute

KDO has a wonderful teaching staff, however on occasion they need to be absent due to illness or a family event.  We are looking for a few individuals that would be willing to fill in when KDO teachers need to be gone​.  Substitutes may know in advance the days they are needed to work or they may receive early morning texts or calls when a teacher has to call in due to illness.This is a paid position. It is not required that you sub each time you are called.  The amount of days you want to work are completely up to you.  If you are interested in being a KDO teacher substitute, please contact Jerri Turney at