28 years of service

Pam Copeland

Service Anniversary

If you’ve been around our community a while, you have been blessed by our beloved Pam Copeland.  Perhaps your children benefit each week from Pam’s 28 years of expertise growing children in the Lord.  Perhaps you studied alongside her and her husband, Mark, in children’s classes, the youth group, or in college and young married classes at Southcrest.  Or perhaps, you rocked her when she was just a bed baby in our nursery.  Pam has been around this community since the day she was born!  

“I love the people at Southcrest!!  They led me to Jesus and have invested in me my whole life.  They have discipled me and had the mindset of reaching as many people for Christ as possible.  Southcrest people are my people.”

Pam and her team are over all the children’s activities and events.  Their goal is to two-fold.  They want parents to be able to focus on their own discipleship, knowing their children are safely cared for.  And they want to involve parents and kids together as a family unit to learn more about God.  But her favorite part of the job is investing in families and showing and teaching kids about God’s amazing love for them.  

She has seen her ministry change in many ways over the last three decades.  Some of the bigger changes include starting Upward Sports and having to let it go.  Another has been watching Big Gig grow and flourish in the last seven years.  Pam notes that these changes, even the difficult ones, are simply part of long-term ministry.  

“We must continually find ever-changing ways to share the never-changing message of Jesus.” 

To feed and give herself the energy she needs to adapt the vision and mission of her calling, Pam rejuvenates her spirit by traveling, quilting, searching for/collecting antiques and spending time with her own family.  She loves being married to her best friend.  She is amazed by her kids, Trevor, Ashley, Julia, & Abby.  But her grandkids, Cliff and Mack, really have her heart! 

When our children and our families are well-cared for, it strengthens and puts life into our entire community. Please find an opportunity to let Pam know how much you love and appreciate her work for ‘the least of these’ among us.

Past Stories

“We must continually find ever-changing ways to share the never-changing message of Jesus.”