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Plan A Visit

Our mission at Southcrest is to lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. At Southcrest we have a service for everyone. Check out our services below, we look forward to seeing you soon!
The Worship Center

The Worship Center

Service Times:

  • 8:00am – Worship Choir and Orchestra driven with a traditional slant
  • 9:30/11:00am – Worship Choir and Orchestra driven with a contemporary slant

The Venue

The Venue

Every Sunday morning at 9:30 the gym at Southcrest is transformed into the Venue: dynamic-worship led by The Venue Collective with a live message from our Senior Pastor.

Small Groups

Small Groups

Small Groups are the place for establishing life-long relationships within the church family. Small groups meet at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 Sunday mornings for all age groups.

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What to expect on Sunday - FAQ
Q. How Long Is The Service?

Each Southcrest service lasts for approximately 60-75 minutes.

Q. Is There Childcare?

During Sunday Worship times, we provide childcare for newborns up to pre-school aged children. They will learn simple Bible lessons together as they play. For school-aged children up to 3rd grade, your child can attend a children’s worship service at the 9:30 hour. (Learn more here). We do our best to accommodate, so please contact us if you have questions.

Q. How Should I Dress?

Simply put, come as you are!  For some, that can be anything from “Sunday Best” to business casual, but for others it may be jeans and a tee shirt.  At Southcrest, we do our best to make all who enter our building feel welcome and at home!

Q. Will I Be Singled Out?

No. We will not ask visitors to stand and be recognized, give a testimony, come to the front, or anything that would make anyone uncomfortable.

Q. Will I Be Pressured To Give Money?

Absolutely not! Every week during the brief offering time, we say, “If you’re new here, we’re not asking for your money. This service is our gift to you.” Giving is something for members and regular attendees – for those who have said, “I’ve found out what I need to know about Southcrest, and I’m all in. This is my church family, and Southcrest’s mission is my mission.”

Q. What Are The Sermons Like?

We preach the Bible, verse-by-verse, book-by-book. We believe that you’ll find in the Bible a gripping story and solutions to life’s troubles.

Need more info? Why not listen to some of our sermons here?