Bro David | 28 years of Service to Southcrest

When Southcrest first approached Bro. David in 1988, he was a little skeptical of living in West Texas. Born in Ft. Worth, raised in southern Arkansas and having done his early ministry years in Tyler, Texas, his outdoor experience was a little more … lush. But he and Laura felt God calling them to make a change and join us in our windy, dry city.

“I have come to love Lubbock and the people of West Texas. They are warm, loving, kind, and faithful. You don’t tell West Texas people what to do, but they will follow leadership that loves them. I love West Texas! The climate, the sunsets and the big sky are wonderful.”

For the first 14 years of his ministry here, Southcrest became like family to him and Laura and their children. They enjoyed raising their kids here and found the congregation to be flexible and willing to do what was needed in order to reach others and help them feel at home. After a short stint in Nashville, they felt called to come back to Southcrest and Bro. David says it has been even better the second time around. For the last 14 years, he has loved leading this church to reach the lost, lift up Jesus Christ and live an obedient life in keeping with the Word of God.

“My favorite part of this job is being with the wonderful people of Southcrest and serving with them. They are genuine, loving, salt of the earth folks.”

In his free time, Bro David enjoys hunting and fishing. He and Laura enjoy date night at the movies and also looking through antique and flea market stores. It is quite an undertaking to lead a church and Bro David offers much of his time and energy for our benefit and well-being. Please take some time, go out of your way, thank him and Laura for their dedication and leadership of our church these 28 years.