Jack Loudder | 5 Years of Service

Jack Loudder was working for Frito Lay at the turn of the century when he and his wife, Joni, and two daughters first came to Southcrest.  They later signed on for a six-year mission to China, after which the Lord brought them back to Southcrest, and Jack began his work as the Missions Pastor for two years.  For the last four years, however, Jack has served as our Executive Pastor of Business Administration.  He adds organizational support for the daily workings and operations of our ministries here.  Southcrest has tremendous physical and financial resources, and Jack’s unique gifting drives him to steward these well.  He leads his team in giving our ministries the right tools at the right time.

“My favorite part of this job is serving our congregation and our staff by taking care of the ‘business side of things.’  Then, our ministry teams are freed up to work in the most effective ways possible.”  

Since their return from China, Jack and Joni’s love and their home exponentially expanded with the addition of four more daughters to their beautiful family.  Being a little outnumbered at home (7 women plus two female dogs), Jack uses to the gruel of Crossfit and the creativity of woodworking to help him reconnect with himself.  Southcrest has been an enormous support to the Loudder family these last two decades. 

“Words cannot explain the love that has always been shown to our family by our church!  I love serving with the great people here.”

The work that Jack does is often behind the scenes but is vital to the successful functioning of this church.  Please go out of your way to thank him for the work he does on our behalf.  (And maybe ask him for picture-proof of the mean mullet he used to sport!)