Southcrest | Support Staff
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Support Staff

Jackson Bailey

Graphic Designer

Mary Kay Baker

Assistant KDO Director

Katrina Ballentine

Systems Specialist

Collin Britt

Middle School Worship Intern

Ashley Connelly

Administrative Assistant to Ministry Services

Julia Copeland

Family Ministry Intern

Kevin Cortez

Online Media & IT Director

David Maddox

Venue Worship Leader and Student Ministry Worship Assistant

Delia Maddox

Administrative Assistant to Students

Gabe Palacios

Financial Assistant

Mary Race

Administrative Assistant to Education/Sr. Adults

Patti Rickman

Preschool Assistant

Emily Ritchie

Student Ministry Intern

Lynda Roberson

Kitchen Coordinator

Melisse Stanzione

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Robert Todd

Production Manager

Rusty Trowbridge

Technical Director

Sharla Tyson

Administrative Assistant to Family Ministries

Allison Webb

Executive Administrative Assistant of the Senior Pastor